Our sets can be placed wherever you wish in your room. No acoustic adaptation is needed – they shall play while located in the corners or far away from walls. The following three criteria make them play equally well regardless of the acoustics of the room:

1. Composite

A special composite used in the housing is in no way excited with the vibrations of the loudspeakers thanks to which we can enjoy the excellence of Morel loudspeakers to the fullest. Nor does the housing transmit to the loudspeakers the sound reflected off the walls of the room.

2. Bass-reflex

 The sophisticated bass-reflex system is tuned to ensure a wide range of frequencies. Thus the basses are really low but at the same time fast, compact and precise.

3. Crossover

 The crossover includes a sequence not to be found elsewhere, which ensures an ideal time coherence of the sound within the whole frequence range. The music message is vivid, detailed and clear with neither false sibilants nor exaggeration.